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Surfing lessons

Did you always dream of becoming a surfer? One who confidently grabs his board under his arm, runs out to the braking waves and swiftly duck dives his way out to lineup. Who paddles with all his might to get that biggest wave and shreds his way  all the way to the beach splashing water with every maneuver. And then repeats it all again and again. Well, even he was a beginner once..

Galim Surf School offers a variety of private or group surf lessons, one-on-one, courses both in group and private with experienced instructors that cater to the needs and abilities of each student.  The classes are suitable for all levels and all ages.

What is taught in the surf lessons?

The surf lessons are designed to teach the beginner surfer the basic principles of independent surfing. Learning the correct technique, and intense practice with individual guidance are essential to your future as a surfer. During a surf lesson you learn, among other things:

-The technique to pop up, or jump up from a lying down position to standing up.

-To paddle out and to position yourself in the right spot while waiting for a wave.

-How to read waves and sets and the sea in general.

-When to paddle and when to jump.

-Who has the right of way, what are the rules in the lineup?

-What is a leash, a fin, how do you call different parts of the surf board?

And lots more, while getting a great work out.

The benefits of one-on-one lesson

The advantage of private surf lessons are that they allow you to learn at your own pace according to your needs and schedules. One-on-one lessons are also appropriate for those who have physical difficulties, low body image, anxiety or communication difficulties and therefore refrained from common classes. The private surf lesson will be tailored for you no matter your age or experience.

Come to experience the unique surfing lessons at Galim Surf School and learn to know better the sea, the surf and yourself.