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Surfing Courses

Surfing Courses

Surfing courses are suitable for all ages. There are surfing classes for children and adults, private surf lessons, or even a half-day courses that will give you all the basics for surfing.  The course consists of five 2-hour sessions in a small group of maximum 5 people per instructor. All our instructors are certified and experienced with a broad knowledge of teaching people how to surf.

What is taught during the surf course?:

The surf courses are designed to teach the beginner surfer the basic principles of independent surfing. Learning the correct technique, and intense practice with individual guidance are essential to your future as a surfer. During a surf lesson you learn, among other things:

-The technique to pop up, or jump up from a lying down position to standing up.

-To paddle out and to position yourself in the right spot while waiting for a wave.

-How to read waves and sets and the sea in general.

-When to paddle and when to jump.

-Who has the right of way, what are the rules in the lineup?

-What is a leash, a fin, how do you call different parts of the surf board?

And lots more, while getting a great work out.

The benefits of taking the surf course:

Two hour sessions are long enough to really get a good practice. You will have time for a proper warm up on the beach and for more in depth explanations and situations in the water. When this is repeated frequently, as the format of the course calls for, the surfing improves faster and by the end of the course you can manage on your own in the waves.

When learning in a small group you actually benefit from the other students. You can follow their progress as well as learn from their mistakes and at the same time experience the stoke of surfing and sharing waves with friends.

Come to experience the unique surfing courses at Galim Surf School and learn to know better the sea, the surf and yourself.

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